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How much does it cost to work with our team? The truth is, it depends. Here’s an example: Most of our clients pay $2995 for our signature service, a StoryBrand Message Guide. The guide is around 22 pages, complete with words StoryBranded just for your company. It generally takes 4-5 hours of client meetings and often double that time behind the scenes for three of us to write and polish it. It’s a moving and satisfying process, and the final result brings tears to our clients’ eyes far more often than we could have ever imagined. We love it!

This service works as is for a lot of our clients. But some of our clients aren’t quite ready for that type of investment. In that case, we offer a shortened version of the process at a lower rate, or BrandScript coaching at an even lower rate. On the other hand, another subset of our clients have larger marketing teams and more voices at the table. In that case, the process is more extensive, and a higher rate is required.

In other words, as a small copywriting agency, we can be flexible. We can listen carefully to your goals, budget, and timeline and often mold our services to you. Just click “Let’s Talk StoryBrand” to start the conversation, or if calls aren’t for you, email me directly at

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Done-for-You Services

“Oh my gosh!!!!! I literally yelled out loud ‘I just LOVE her’ in my office—you totally crushed this. Absolutely far beyond even my expectations. . . worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Stephanie

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! It feels like I’m talking. . . I sent it to my two most trusted advisor friends, and they love it, too! . . . I’m going to be talking you up to many of my buddies!” -Cindy

“All I can say is OMG!! My first thought was that I should have done this a long time ago. . . I can tell that you will help me get my distinctive essence across. I have a big smile on my face.” -Kathy

“Best money I ever spent!” -Val

“You are a Rockstar!! Thank you for all that you do!” -Jess

“I absolutely love it! I think you nailed it.” -Ryan

“Oh my goodness, you’re gifted Angie! A holy wordsmith. . .” -Chanda

“You did a beautiful job. . . I LOVE it.” -Madelyn

“I just wanted to let you know I LOVE IT! You nailed the language. Thank you for confirming my gut instinct when I hired you…which was go with the best or end up disappointed ;)” -Sarah

“It’s sooooo perfect!! Thanks!” -Leslie

“I love how it has turned out . . . I am grateful that [name] introduced me to you—I came into this with blind faith on her suggestion and am over the top excited about how this is all coming together.” -Natasha

“Thank you for capturing my voice & my heart so amazingly well!! I am so grateful to you!!” -Amy

“Angie, really enjoyed working with you. You are very talented and nice as well.” -Ken

“We will be back no doubt, love working with you.” -David

“Love it!!!! Wow, you guys just hit it out of the park every. single. time. So excited to continue working with you on projects!” -Katie

“Thank you so much for your work on [the Brand Message Guide]. I think this is a great set of messaging for my consulting work and advertising content. I am grateful for the care you took in trying to understand what I am trying to do, seeing as it’s not yet mainstream work.” -Nicole

“You brought our message to life and made it a fun process to boot. So thankful for you!” -Cindy

“I appreciate your work so much; you’re actually the first person I’ve ever worked with who has understood what I’m doing and how I’m wanting to get it across.” -Angela

“I LOVE these! I think you did an awesome job capturing all the content and making it succinct.” -Jordan

“You hit it out of the park with the website—great job!” -Jackson

Coaching Services

“My revenue has grown 2.5x since we started working together . . . I’m grateful to have you in our court!” -Matt

“The [$90k] contract came through my website’s call to action… I can confidently say I received a return on investment…” -Darrell

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I’m still buzzing at how much clarity you’ve given me; I’m so grateful.” -Tamara

“Not only you’ve helped me feel more confident with my promo material, but you have also inspired me to become a StoryBrand certified coach (as soon as I can afford it) as I see myself helping others the way you helped me!” -Jaime

“Thank you so so much, Angie! Your comments were such a HUGGGEEE help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me! This mission means so much to me, it’s not just a website to sell something, it’s much more than that! You’ve given me a great gift! I especially loved that with your revisions, you very cleverly kept it in ‘my voice’.” -Sarah

“You were such an intricate part of breathing life into the my Brandscript and teaching me Storybrand and Draftium. I can’t thank you enough for your professional expertise and lovely kindness. You were a delight to work with. The Storybrand model has transformed the way I view messaging but also about how I write anything!” -Susie

“It was great talking with you today! You were very helpful… gave me some great ideas. Exactly what I needed!” -Maury

“Thanks so much, Angie. You are so patient and good at what you do!!!” -Kelsey

“Angie delivered exactly what her website promises—honest assessment, suggested changes that helped further clarify my message, and a refresher on the order to present information so I control the experience I want customers to have. More importantly, I feel better equipped to create additional content knowing I understand the framework and my messaging has a stamp of approval from a StoryBrand expert. Money well spent!” -Shelley

“I love all this and really appreciate all your feedback. It’s been so helpful! I love my new website updates. :)” -Cat

“You are so awesome. Thank you very much. Super grateful for all the advice and our talk.” -Alin

“Angie has been of huge value to [our company] in a very short period of time. She has been a wonderful mentor to our team by listening to our experiences (good and bad) and providing insightful comments and guidance. Our work together started with a single coaching call. After Angie had some time to digest information we sent, we spent 30-45 min on a Zoom call to discuss. . . Best $295 we have ever spent!” -Carl

“Highly recommend! Angie helped me with website copy and it was absolute gold!” -Abby

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