What You Get, What’s Missing & Is it Worth the Investment?

I was recently considering buying big-brand protein shakes. For a bag of drink mix, it was a relatively hefty investment, so I went looking for reviews. What I found was frustrating. All the reviews were from people who were coaches or advocates for the shake’s mother company, but it wasn’t until I scrolled to the end of the article that I was clued into the fact that the reviews were biased. Whether the product was good or not, I felt like I was being duped.

 As you’re looking for an honest review of the StoryBrand Online Workshop, let me be very clear that I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide. I loved my own StoryBrand workshop so much that I later became two-times StoryBrand certified, first as a copywriter and then as a Guide. So, I guess you could say my opinion is biased…but only because, over the last 3+ years, I’ve seen StoryBrand work over and over and over again. Over the years, I’ve morphed into a raving fan. As such, business leaders trying to make the most of their marketing budgets ask me all the time…

Is a StoryBrand Workshop Worth the Investment?

Actually, they are often a bit more specific with their question: 

Should I spend the money to go to Nashville for the Live StoryBrand Workshop or is the StoryBrand Online Course good enough? 

My quick answer: You can’t go wrong with either, but there is a difference. Let’s take a look. 

The Live StoryBrand Workshop vs. the StoryBrand Online Course 

What You Get with Both

Whether you attend the workshop in-person or online, the content is the same. You’ll learn from Donald Miller and his team about (1) how our brains operate, (2) why you should use the power of story to sell your products or services and (3) how to develop the right story for your business or organization to attract and convert leads (spoiler: the story is about your customer’s journey, not about your business).

You leave your StoryBrand workshop with a foundation and a filter for your company’s communication that has helped thousands of companies make millions of dollars. It’s wild. 

With both the online and live options, you get access to a workbook that walks you through each of Don’s teachings as well as an invitation to an online community where you’ll grow alongside those who have gone through a workshop and are now implementing what they’ve learned. While the community is monitored by StoryBrand, don’t expect coaching here. It’s focused around peer feedback and support. The community is vibrant, active, and eager to help.

One thing I especially love about the StoryBrand Online Course: You get ongoing access to the content. So, if there’s something you need a refresher on, you can go back anytime to watch a short video from Don to jog your memory. I still find myself relying on his videos from time to time. When you attend the live workshop, you do get access to a few videos through the Pro version of an online tool, but not the entire content.

What’s Missing from the Online Course?

In all honesty, there is something about dedicating two days away from the ongoing demands of being in the office and surrounding yourself with folks who are all looking to grow their businesses in the Live StoryBrand Workshop. There’s an energy that’s hard to replicate. Plus, when you attend live, you get to ask questions along the way and have a StoryBrand team member check your work to make sure you’re getting it right.

A Solution to Save You Money

If you can afford to attend the Live StoryBrand Workshop, you won’t regret it. But, if the extra $1500 plus travel expenses is difficult to pull off, by all means, go with the online course. While you’re missing out on the energy that comes from attending live, it’s absolutely the best bang for your buck. With one exception:

When it comes to crafting their own messages, most business leaders who go through the StoryBrand Online Workshop want to know that they got it right. So, not having expert eyes to review your work is the one major drawback to attending the course online.

I can help. As a StoryBrand Guide, I get a commission when I sell the StoryBrand Online Course. The cost of the course doesn’t change for you, but I earn about the same amount that I charge for a 90-minute coaching call. So, instead of keeping the commission, I’m offering it back to you in the form of a follow-up call.

What happens during our call?

During our 90-minute call, we’ll: 

  • Take a look at your work and make sure you got it right.
  • Talk through the best way to execute your new messaging, so it actually works.
  • Answer any questions you have and make sure you’re connected to the online StoryBrand community.

What’s the catch? It’s really natural to be skeptical. But, there’s really no catch. I simply understand that not everyone can afford to attend the live workshop, so I want to make the most of your investment, while earning money to provide for my family. I love a win-win. And just so you know I’m on the up and up, here’s my official StoryBrand profile.

Want to attend live? Great! I have bonuses for you, too. Just email me at angie@angieschultz.com

Register for the Online StoryBrand Workshop Now

So, stop wasting money on marketing and start growing your business. 

After attending my original StoryBrand workshop, I implemented the framework in the program I was overseeing and saw a 25% increase in sales in the first year. I’d love nothing more than to unleash the power of StoryBrand for your business, too!

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Get a Free 5-Minute StoryBrand Review

If you’re not ready to register for the StoryBrand Online Course, let’s start with a Free 5-Minute StoryBrand Review. It’s an opportunity to meet me, without actually meeting me, and you get real, live value add for your business. I simply take a look at your material and send a few high-level, StoryBrand-inspired recommendations for improvement. If you’re not sure what to send, I recommend starting with your homepage. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete this form and respond to the email I send, attaching anything you want to be reviewed.
  2. I’ll take a look and send a 5-minute video with StoryBrand-inspired recommendations.
  3. Keep the conversation going or take the advice and run. You’ll never feel pressured to hire me, guaranteed.

No matter what StoryBrand route you choose, know this: You are one step closer to connecting with an audience who deserves to know how you can make their lives better!

Best of luck,

Angie Schultz
Certified StoryBrand Guide & Copywriter

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