Thinking about hiring a StoryBrand Guide?

You’re probably wondering who you should work with and how much it costs. The resources on this page can help; simply choose your path to start.

Ok, great. So, you have a few thousand or so to invest.

Your budget will allow you to work with most StoryBrand Certified Guides. All Guides should follow the same pricing standards, so you can expect to see these “starting at” prices.

Icon of a booklet titled BrandScript and a pen

Starter BrandScript ($1000)

This is a quick start to your BrandScript. For example, you’ll chat with a guide for an hour, and they’ll write the seven elements of your StoryBrand BrandScript (character, problem, guide, plan, call to action, failure, and success).

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Brand Message Guide ($3000-$5000)

This includes your StoryBrand BrandScript, but usually involves more discussions, revisions, and supporting materials to make sure your story is really right and that you know how to use it.

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Website Copywriting ($2500)

This is the minimum pricing for a homepage; secondary pages are generally less of an investment.

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Lead Magnet Copywriting ($2000)

This is usually the starting at price for a 1500-word lead magnet, including some strategy about what would work best.

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Sales Email Sequence Copywriting ($3000)

This is the going rate for the six emails that should follow the download of your lead magnet. Some people call it the “Welcome Sequence.”

Pro Tip: Start with the Brand Message Guide.

With the right StoryBrand Guide, it’s the biggest bang for your buck, and it gives you a running start to writing other pieces of your sales funnel on your own, if you need to.

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Still have questions? Hi, I’m Angie, a StoryBrand Guide, and I’d love to help.
Let’s talk!


Which StoryBrand Guide Is Right for You?

How to leverage the directory, which critical questions to ask, and when to run.



What can you get if your starting budget is in the hundreds?

A budget in the hundreds allows you to DIY your StoryBrand goals with a coach. Coaching and content review runs anywhere from $200-$400 per hour and can pack a ton of punch. It works best for those who are taking one of Donald Miller’s online programs.

Donald Miller offers two online programs:

(1) Business Made Simple University ($275/yr)

Work through all things StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple in this collection of courses. Then, get a coach when you’re stuck or need a second pair of eyes on your work. Register here.

(2) Small Business Flight School (6 monthly payments of $479)

Invest around five hours per week for six months and immerse yourself in this online training program for small businesses (it includes the StoryBrand coursework!). This thing is POWERFUL! There is some Q&A built into the program, so you’ll probably need less one-on-one coaching if you go this route. Register here.

Alternatively, you can spend even less by simply reading the books Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple. (Email me at if you don’t have these; I may have a free copy lying around to send your way!)

Go all in with Small Business Flight School.

It’s everything you need to “double your revenue” (Don said it!), and it’s packaged in a way to keep you moving, motivated, and connected with other leaders in the same boat.

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Not sure which route is best for you?
Let’s talk about it!


Which StoryBrand Coach Is Right for You?

How to leverage the directory, which critical questions to ask, and when to run.

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Certified StoryBrand Guide Badge

Allow me to
introduce myself.

I’m Angie Schultz, and I was among the first 30 writers to become StoryBrand certified back in 2016. There are three of us still doing this work today. So, I know StoryBrand, and I adore StoryBrand.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years (some of their testimonies are in the expandable section below). And what I hear over and over is, “It is so hard to know who to hire!” I created this page to help the process feel less daunting. Would you like to talk about it?

Schedule a 20-minute chat with me, and if I’m not the best to help you reach your goals, I’ll recommend a better match.

Here's what my clients are saying.

Done-for-You Services

“Oh my gosh!!!!! I literally yelled out loud ‘I just LOVE her’ in my office—you totally crushed this. Absolutely far beyond even my expectations. . . worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Stephanie

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! It feels like I’m talking. . . I sent it to my two most trusted advisor friends, and they love it, too! . . . I’m going to be talking you up to many of my buddies!” -Cindy

“All I can say is OMG!! My first thought was that I should have done this a long time ago. . . I can tell that you will help me get my distinctive essence across. I have a big smile on my face.” -Kathy

“Best money I ever spent!” -Val

“You are a Rockstar!! Thank you for all that you do!” -Jess

“I absolutely love it! I think you nailed it.” -Ryan

“Oh my goodness, you’re gifted Angie! A holy wordsmith. . .” -Chanda

“You did a beautiful job. . . I LOVE it.” -Madelyn

“I just wanted to let you know I LOVE IT! You nailed the language. Thank you for confirming my gut instinct when I hired you…which was go with the best or end up disappointed ;)” -Sarah

“It’s sooooo perfect!! Thanks!” -Leslie

“I love how it has turned out . . . I am grateful that [name] introduced me to you—I came into this with blind faith on her suggestion and am over the top excited about how this is all coming together.” -Natasha

“Thank you for capturing my voice & my heart so amazingly well!! I am so grateful to you!!” -Amy

“Angie, really enjoyed working with you. You are very talented and nice as well.” -Ken

“We will be back no doubt, love working with you.” -David

“Love it!!!! Wow, you guys just hit it out of the park every. single. time. So excited to continue working with you on projects!” -Katie

“Thank you so much for your work on [the Brand Message Guide]. I think this is a great set of messaging for my consulting work and advertising content. I am grateful for the care you took in trying to understand what I am trying to do, seeing as it’s not yet mainstream work.” -Nicole

“You brought our message to life and made it a fun process to boot. So thankful for you!” -Cindy

“I appreciate your work so much; you’re actually the first person I’ve ever worked with who has understood what I’m doing and how I’m wanting to get it across.” -Angela

“I LOVE these! I think you did an awesome job capturing all the content and making it succinct.” -Jordan

“You hit it out of the park with the website—great job!” -Jackson


Coaching Services

“My revenue has grown 2.5x since we started working together . . . I’m grateful to have you in our court!” -Matt

“The [$90k] contract came through my website’s call to action… I can confidently say I received a return on investment…” -Darrell

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday! I’m still buzzing at how much clarity you’ve given me; I’m so grateful.” -Tamara

“Not only you’ve helped me feel more confident with my promo material, but you have also inspired me to become a StoryBrand certified coach (as soon as I can afford it) as I see myself helping others the way you helped me!” -Jaime

“Thank you so so much, Angie! Your comments were such a HUGGGEEE help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me! This mission means so much to me, it’s not just a website to sell something, it’s much more than that! You’ve given me a great gift! I especially loved that with your revisions, you very cleverly kept it in ‘my voice’.” -Sarah

“You were such an intricate part of breathing life into the my Brandscript and teaching me Storybrand and Draftium. I can’t thank you enough for your professional expertise and lovely kindness. You were a delight to work with. The Storybrand model has transformed the way I view messaging but also about how I write anything!” -Susie

“It was great talking with you today! You were very helpful… gave me some great ideas. Exactly what I needed!” -Maury

“Thanks so much, Angie. You are so patient and good at what you do!!!” -Kelsey

“Angie delivered exactly what her website promises—honest assessment, suggested changes that helped further clarify my message, and a refresher on the order to present information so I control the experience I want customers to have. More importantly, I feel better equipped to create additional content knowing I understand the framework and my messaging has a stamp of approval from a StoryBrand expert. Money well spent!” -Shelley

“I love all this and really appreciate all your feedback. It’s been so helpful! I love my new website updates. :)” -Cat

“You are so awesome. Thank you very much. Super grateful for all the advice and our talk.” -Alin

“Angie has been of huge value to [our company] in a very short period of time. She has been a wonderful mentor to our team by listening to our experiences (good and bad) and providing insightful comments and guidance. Our work together started with a single coaching call. After Angie had some time to digest information we sent, we spent 30-45 min on a Zoom call to discuss. . . Best $295 we have ever spent!” -Carl

“Highly recommend! Angie helped me with website copy and it was absolute gold!” -Abby

“If you’re looking for a sure investment, invest in Angie.

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– Donald Miller

CEO of StoryBrand

I offer coaching & done-for-you services.

If you haven’t completed (or aren’t confident in) your StoryBrand BrandScript, our work always starts there.

Then, my team and I will help you begin to develop all components of a StoryBrand sales funnel and nurture sequence.

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Icon of a booklet titled BrandScript and a pen

BrandScripts &
Message Guides

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Lead Magnet

Sales Email


Brochures &
Print Materials

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Blogs &
Nurture Emails

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I hope to chat soon!

Don’t leave without
a parting gift (or four).

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How to Hire Your StoryBrand Guide

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An Insider's Guide to StoryBrand BrandScripts

How to Write a StoryBrand Website That Works

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